Secchi depth02


This is the presentation of data from a long-term investigation at Lake Buchtzig, a former gravel pit situated in the south-west of Germany. Today, the lake is used for recreation purposes as a swimming facility and for sport fishing. I had the opportunity to sample the lake from 1993 – 2005 in the frame of annual contracts with the Stadtwerke Ettlingen for monitoring the water quality. Results were presented on the VII Cladocera Symposium in Herzberg/Switzerland.

Since then the evaluation of the data altered from the array of data sets in a descriptive way to system analysis. Various versions of the paper with the results contain highly condensed data. There is a bad need to provide the original data and some procedures of the evaluations to the public.

Recently, I have got permission to publish the data on a website and I am very glad for it. I think that an open mind and transparency is a principal feature of science. Important steps during the evaluation of the data were made upon opinions and questions from reviewers. This exchange is highly appreciated by my side since I am working as a freelancer without coauthors.



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